Unable to read data from serial port (China PND)

Jul 10, 2013 at 4:28 PM
Hi, I'm developing the gps application on wince using OPENETCF to get gps data on PND. Everything is work for previous device (China pnd).

But now, there are problems of the device as following link http://en.leader-intl.com/product_pnd.php?id=17 It doesn't work

I getting into the code and found the gps port on COM7, baud rate 4800 can be opened correctly. But the data did not received and I found It stuck at this line of code

"#region >>>> Receive data subsection <<<<
// check for RXCHAR
if ((eventFlags & CommEventFlags.RXCHAR) != 0) {"

The above source code is on CommEventThread() in Port.cs file

Usually, the program should getting into the "if block" but it didn't

I have tested the device with Terminal CE (http://venea.net/?action=article&article=terminal_ce)
And It can get the gps data on port COM7 with buad rate 4800

Anyone who have experience can help me please