Frame Error

Apr 6, 2011 at 11:42 PM

I am trying to use the gps component in a Windows CE 5.0 environment using c# on the CF 2.0 SP2.  Whenever I try to start the gps, the Error event gets fired with a "Frame error".  My code is as follows:

            gps = new OpenNETCF.IO.Serial.GPS.GPS();
            gps.BaudRate = OpenNETCF.IO.Serial.BaudRates.CBR_4800;
            gps.MinBaudRate = OpenNETCF.IO.Serial.BaudRates.CBR_4800;
            gps.MaxBaudRate = OpenNETCF.IO.Serial.BaudRates.CBR_4800;
            gps.ComPort = "COM7:";

            gps.GpsSentence += new OpenNETCF.IO.Serial.GPS.GPS.GpsSentenceEventHandler(gps_GpsSentence);
            gps.Error += new OpenNETCF.IO.Serial.GPS.GPS.ErrorEventHandler(gps_Error);

Am I doing something wrong?  And if so, is there something that I can do to make this work?


Thank You

Troy Fillerup